Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tollcross C.C. and B&Q Fire!

Was at Tollcross Commnity Council meeting last night ... I should flag-up the impending deadline for nominations to be a member of the Council from October 2009 onwards --- it's 4pm this coming Monday 14th September!

All the relevant details about the (potential) Community Council elections can be found here - and as you'll see, yours truly is the local Returning Officer for Tollcross ... all forms to be with me (at the City Chambers) by deadline above.

On a totally separate note, as I was on the way home - around 9.30pm - that whole side of town did smell of acrid smoke ... so, sadly, I wasn't surprised to see this story up on the BBC web-site earlier this morning :-(

Inglis Green Road is just outside my Ward, but it is a bit of Edinburgh I know particularly well as I often walk/cycle past this very spot, on the other side of the Water of Leith, on the way to-and-from the allotment.

Not good - and I can well imagine there's significant localised smoke-damage around the old B&Q Store :-(

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