Saturday, September 19, 2009

Local SNP finally see some sense ;-)

Despite the dripping political cynicism of last Thursday's Full Council Meeting - there was one light-hearted moment during the 'questions and answers' session, which I failed to re-count earlier ...

... my colleague Maureen Child was pursuing a supplementary question with the Convener of Education about Castlebrae Community High School when said-Convener responded (something like) that Councillor Child was being somewhat dishonest in her interpretation of events - you know, the usual political banter that mature adults generally ignore ...

... of course, I couldn't resist a muted 'chuck her out' call to the Lord Provost, which promptly received a somewhat louder than intended 'I'll second that' from the SNP benches :-)

Of course, I have no idea which SNP Councillor showed such stunning foresight and bravery :-))

- somewhat sadly, the Lord Provost ignored our combined pleas (don't think he even heard them!) and we didn't resort to using Standing Order 21 in an entirely inappropriate manner.

- maybe next month??

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