Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Policy and Strategy Committee Meeting

The "Policy and Strategy Committee Meeting" today did, for once, contain some policy and strategy. Amazing.

The 'Alternative Business Models report' was approved unaltered - all three Opposition Groups put up different amendments, and our own attempt to get the issue discussed at Full Council thus failed :-(

Interesting that several speakers from the Lib/Nat Administration openly admitted that the whole process was being driven forward for financial reasons. At least the Tories have an ideological under-pinning for their support of this general course of action - those currently in charge are simply doing it to 'save money'.

Depressing stuff.

Mind you, the meeting got even more depressing when the worst satisfaction ratings ever achieved in Edinburgh were simply noted and Directors asked to do a bit better.

Requests to have the matter debated more widely at Full Council were, once again, dismissed out-of-hand. Can't have any of that pesky local democracy getting in the way, can we :-(

I do though suspect members of the public may have a somewhat different view on what action they would have liked the Council Administration to take.

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