Friday, September 18, 2009

No regeneration here please ...

Sticking on the tram theme ... yesterday's presentation by Terry Farrell to the Full Council Meeting, which was fascinating, has certainly got ears burning and tongues wagging!

Many of his points do have a validity to them - and whilst I might not agree with everything he has said over the years, it is very hard to disagree with his 'parting-shot' analogy that trying to change the capital city is like trying to alter the course of a planet.

Very true.

One thing that did cause me to somewhat despair though was the constant berating about the Waterfront: in design terms, that may be fair enough ... but there was also an implicit, and repeated, assertion that the tram will unlock the potential of that part of Edinburgh?

... I agree, but Line 1b - in an act truly lacking of any long-term foresight - is already in the proverbial dustbin and has been for many, many months :-(

I continue to believe its appalling cancellation back in April was a dreadful exemplar of knowing the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

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