Monday, August 24, 2009

Trader 'poisoned' by tram works ??

With all due sympathy to those who have been ill ...

... but it does appear that the latest, local story on trams has really stretched the headline-writers' creative abilities ;-)

... and I'm still quite shocked that no one from the SNP has taken the opportunity to have-a-go at the project ;-))

More seriously - do I detect a glimmer of hope that senior, local Nationalists may, at last, have accepted that this project is going to be delivered and should be supported for the remaining duration of the tram-works?


CrazyDaisy said...


Labour voted for it, the SNP warned it would be expensive and Scotland wouldn't pay a penny more for Edinburgh's ill fated trams.

Looks like you're stuck with it and no amount of timber shifting will land anyone else the blame.

You were warned! Tough.

Crazy D

Andrew said...

Crazy D

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I've re-read my post ... and I can't see why you think I was trying to shift the blame (if any blame is to be apportioned)? I wasn't.

All I was expressing is a hope that the SNP (both locally and nationally) may actually be ready to accept that the project is going to be delived (which it is) and that the constant attempts to undermine it are damaging to Edinburgh.

All that said - I know we won't agree on the overall worth of the project! ... but thanks for checking out the blog.