Monday, July 27, 2009

Rubbish first day back at work

Just finished an early morning interview for Good Morning Scotland on the ongoing bin-dispute ...

... it was live on Iona Street, just off Easter Road, and it has to be said that the street is a complete and total mess: every single container is badly overflowing and rubbish is simply strewn all over the pavement and the road-side. It looks disgraceful and local residents there must be furious to see their streets in such an unnecessary state.

Why-on-earth did the current Council Administration bring these modernising pay discussions to a head right before the summer period: its the worst possible time for residents, the worst possible time for visitors, the worst possible time for Edinburgh?

And why-on-earth did they issue letters (now several weeks ago) to affected employees stating what their new pay rates and grades would be when they claim they are still willing to negotiate with the Trade Unions??

Is it any wonder that residents are so angry and that the Unions have lost trust in their employer ... and it's all been totally avoidable :-(

It is a totally unnecessary state of affairs, and as I said nearly a month ago now, the Lib-Dem/SNP Administration need to give this some serious attention and get it sorted quickly. They need to stop wasting their time putting videos up on the Council web-site saying how wonderful Edinburgh is in August and instead concentrate on instructing a solution to this problem.

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