Friday, June 05, 2009

Heading for a hung-Parliament?

Here's just a little distraction from all the Cabinet resignations :-(( ...

... now that the 'national projections' are out (based on the English Local Government results to date) here's an intriguing thought:

  • Labour were on 26% nationally after the 2004 Local Election results - Tories were on 38%
  • 12-months later for the 2005 UK General Election - Labour took 35% and the Tories 32%
  • over the year, that was a 9% increase for Labour, and a 6% decrease for the Tories

  • Labour now appear to be on 23% nationally at these 2009 Local Elections - Tories on 38% (again)
  • in 12-months time (at the very most) there must be a (2010) UK General Election
  • if that '2004 to 2005' percentage movement is replicated in the next year ('2009 to 2010'), guess what happens?

Hung-Parliament anyone??

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