Friday, April 03, 2009

No 1933

I reckon its pretty nigh-on impossible to be 'absolutely certain' about the long-term outcome of yesterday's events in London ...

... so rather than pontificate too much, I'd simply encourage actually reading the 3 (relatively brief) Communiqués that came out at the end of the formal events (as well as glancing at the longer working papers); look at some of the BBC coverage; and marvel at today's Daily Express!

And, on balance - and I hope even political opponents would accept this - the process does appear to have resulted in some fairly radical changes ...

... it is no repeat of 1933 as many predicted it could have been.


Advanced Media Watch said...

Andrew i have to admit even before the G20 took place i said it was doomed. With France and Germany stomping about and threatening to walk out and then the Chinese wanting there way, then i thought whats the point on the summit.

Im glad i was wrong, okay not everything we had hoped for we got but all credit to the Summit because at least in the end they did work together to come up with a global package.

I will also give some credit to Gordon Brown for his endless pursuit to bring about an end to this crises/ credit crunch although i know some in the labour camp might think Gordon saved the world lol..

Also the USA has enhanced her profile and had a warm welcome, unlike under Bush. The talks between Russia and the USA were also a welcomed positive step at reducing the amount of Nukes each country has.

In all i rate the G20 6 out of 10 and lets hope the positive steps taken by the worlds leaders will bring an end to all the doom and gloom.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment ...

... there is no doubt the whole atmosphere was altered by the change in US President (since the November Washington event); but also (I believe) by the increased seriousness of the global financial situation.

I too really hope what's been agreed in London has a long-term positive impact.