Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday nights are now cancelled!

Well, Full Council finished slightly earlier than I anticipated - 5pm - so I was even able to make my Thursday night surgery at Craiglockhart Primary School ...

... that said, it transpires that all 'Thursday lets' at schools are being summarily cancelled from August, under the guise that this was agreed as part of the budget process. I've even seen a letter from a Council Officer stating this in black-and-white?

I'll buy the first person to find confirmation of this 'claimed fact' in the February budget papers a drink - because I'm damned if I can find it referenced anywhere? There's certainly mention of the increase in 'charges for lets' - but that's a whole separate issue causing numerous problems of its own.

It's just yet another example of the politicians in charge not really knowing (or understanding) what they are approving. Indeed, we had the farcical situation, at yesterday's meeting, of the Convener of Education (when questioned on this via the Leader's Report slot) saying that every reasonable effort will be made to find an alternative night??

Try telling that to local clubs who need to operate on a Thursday night, and have been doing so for years and years ...

... surely someone could have come up with a more imaginative way of saving the money that this draconian-effort will deliver??

P.S. I'll keep blog readers informed of what I eventually end up having to do re- my Thursday surgeries at Craiglockhart and St. Cuthberts ..


John Wallace said...

"every reasonable effort will be made to find an alternative night??"

Oh great - you will be able to have your surgeries on a Saturday night. That sounds alternative to me.

Andrew said...

That's one alternative I could do without :-(