Friday, March 27, 2009

The night the Government fell ...

Some wag has just pointed out to me - given my last post - that it's entirely appropriate to switch all the lights out on the evening of 28th March 2009 ...

... they've reminded me it's not only Earth Hour 2009, but the 30th Anniversary of the lost confidence vote in 1979 that led directly to the fall of the Callaghan government and everything that followed thereafter :-(

Believe it or not, I was only 15 at the time - thus wasn't able to vote in the ensuing election - but did know it was a pivotal moment in British politics.


John Wallace said...

Wow. So, there is hope.

John Wallace said...

Watch out for NOTW in the morning. I am led to believe that our favourite South Edinburgh Labour MP is going to be featured, yet again.

This may be the little boy's finger being pulled out of the dyke which just may bring the government down.

"At the very least, he was being economical with the truth" said Mr. Justice King in the High Court this afternoon.

Oh, my.

John Wallace said...

It seems my information was correct.

Now do you see why the normal punter in the street just doesn't trust politicians. Surely there will be a deselection meeting very soon.

Anonymous said...

Never mind your latest 'hobby', just make sure you that you get your road tax, as it's due. Wouldnt want it sent to the crusher Lt Wallace!

Anonymous said...

Lt ? wrong 24195800 was an ordinary signaller mate.

Andrew said...

PLEASE keep comments on-topic ... thank you.

That said - I am aware that the "normal punter in the street doesn't trust politicians" :-(

- don't think I've ever claimed otherwise??

Anonymous said...

Hey John, whilst you are stirring it up with your daft letters about Nigel to the Met you clean forgot to tax your car, despite claiming in the Scotsman that you are a tax payer.....clearly you are not. (source DVLA vehicle checker)

You are not big and you are not smart, you are simply wasting us proper taxpayers hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

From the Evening News 04.04.09
Police rule out Griffiths romp investigation

POLICE have ruled out a criminal investigation into allegations that city MP Nigel Griffiths indulged in sex with a mystery woman in his House of Commons study.
Former soldier John Wallace wrote to Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, urging him to investigate whether Mr Griffiths should be charged with "misconduct in public office" or any other criminal offence.

But now the Met has said the issue should be dealt with by the parliamentary authorities – despite the fact Westminster's standards watchdog has already ruled out an inquiry.

A Sunday newspaper alleged last month that Mr Griffiths, Labour MP for Edinburgh South for the past 22 years, had engaged in sex acts with the brunette in his office, took explicit pictures, then downloaded them on to his computer.

Mr Griffiths initially denied the allegations but later said he was "ashamed" and "deeply sorry".

Mr Wallace said he was disappointed with the response.

Nae luck eh?