Monday, March 23, 2009

Can this really be true?

BBC Scotland are reporting today (haven't seen it elsewhere?) that the tram works on Princes Street are only 'one week behind'?

... whilst I would very much welcome this, if true, I do find it optimistic (even by my standards!) to believe that 'everything' will now be fine and the original timeline will easily be adhered to??

Actually, if you read between-the-lines of the Council Leaders very guarded comments, I suspect those in charge know the reality of the situation.

I'd humbly suggest coming clean with the revised timetable, as soon as possible, would be eminently sensible - as otherwise, the whole media-saga of the last few weeks is going to be played out over-and-over again during the next couple of years.


Ed said...

Spot on, Andrew, I do agree as a tram supporter. Now... c'mon.. time for the Nigel Griffiths comments. As someone responsible for his selection all those years ago, (some choice we had!) I can't help a quiet smile at his predicament. Oooops - political calculations have gone awry! Couldn't happen to a nicer chap!

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment on trams ;-)