Thursday, February 19, 2009

Say sorry now please?

The Lib-Dem/SNP Administration in Edinburgh have today got absolutely no excuse other than to say sorry (quickly) and re-introduce Biomass Heating Systems to the 5 secondary schools and 2 primary schools which they unnecessarily cancelled over a year ago.

... because, despite today's Press Coverage, the new Scottish Government Guidance is now out and Chapter 11 on "Air quality and biomass" basically repeats what was said in the London Councils report in February of LAST year.

Specifically, it confirms:

11.10 Use of abatement technology can reduce PM10 and PM2.5 emissions and, depending on the nature of the development and the type of boiler and abatement equipment, may help to ensure that there is no significant contribution to overall particles concentrations from a development or group of developments. Most larger new automatic boilers are fitted with some kind of flue gas cleaning device.

Shame on them ...

... go on, admit it was a mistake, reverse your decision and make me eat my words at the end of this recent post??


Anonymous said...

Do you not think that the precautionary principle is appropriate when we are dealing with children's health?

I think so.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - and yes, of course I do. You are though completely missing the point with this 'specific case'.

Senior Officers were never happy about the inclusion of Biomass Boilers in this contract - they cost more and have a longer lead-in time for breaking even etc. The previous Administration insisted they were fitted. Officers clearly took the first possible opportunity after the change in Administration to remove them from the contract ... a tactic that's been used across a whole variety of services since May 2007 actually :-(

Anyhow, there was never any need for the precautionary principle to be applied, as the existing London Council's study showed that abatement technologies could cope with any emmission issues. This latest guidance has now simply confirmed what everybody close to these issues has known for some considerable time.

Even if we disagree on this point - I take it you now believe that these Biomass Boilers should be fitted (immediately) to all 7 schools?