Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's all rather aspirational ...

Anyhow, enough of debates surrounding the veracity of figures ... best quote of today concerned the veracity of election promises ...

... in answer to my colleague Ewan Aitken's question (see here) about a Lib-Dem manifesto commitment on bus fare increases, the Convener of Transport replied that:

"Manifestos are rather aspirational in nature ..."

Really - he did say it!

Now, just have a quick look at page 25 of the manifesto in question, were it clearly says:

"On public transport issues, Liberal Democrats want to ... as the main shareholder of Lothian Buses work with the company to ensure that bus and tram fare increases are no more than the rate of inflation plus 1% and aim for an all low floor bus fleet by 2010."

But it wasn't a promise, just rather aspirational :-(

Actually - you really should quickly read the rest of the document just to see the scale of their aspirations, and then contrast that with reality in Edinburgh after nearly 2-years of their rule ... depressing stuff :-((

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