Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dundee by-election forthcoming

I see one of my local political colleagues has just resigned up in Dundee ... BBC covers the story here.

Now, I am the eternal optimist but when you look at the details in that Ward from May 2007 - you can see them here - I think its only fair to say that Labour face a difficult challenge on Thursday 12th March :-(

Dundee is actually the only pure Labour/Liberal Coalition Council currently active in Scotland ... lets hope its not about to be the last :-((


Will said...

To be fair, it's not as 'pure' a Lab/LD Coalition as you might think (or wish): the two parties have (well, had) only twelve Councillors between them compared to the SNP's 13. It's the support of the Tory group that gives the Coalition its majority, and even that only secures them 15 seats out of 29.

Basically, if the SNP win this one, then Ian Borthwick, the sole independent, will hold the balance of power.

Andrew said...


Point taken - you're absolutely right ... well, hopefully not about that 'potential' SNP-win :-(