Friday, January 16, 2009

Holyrood was supposed to be different?

Given my ruminations on this issue over the last couple of Thursday's - here and here - does appear that the FM is also a keen 'really bad blog' reader, as he's quite clearly getting his retaliation in first on the whole saga ... Scotsman reports this morning that:

"Last night Mr Salmond welcomed the (Committee) inquiry, and (also) referred a row which began last week over the Inter Faith Council to George Reid and Lord Steel, the former parliamentary presiding officers, to independently scrutinise matters relating to the ministerial code."

If all this frantic activity serves to ensure a bit more civility and straight-answering of questions at FMQ's, then it will have achieved something worthwhile.

Currently, as I said a couple of week's ago, FMQ's is beginning to resemble its Westminster cousin in style and character ... not what many of us who campaigned long-and-hard for devolution were hoping for :-(

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