Monday, January 19, 2009

Budget secrets

Don't think I ever mentioned this at the time ... but several months ago there was a decision taken to consult on the Council Budget using the internet as the primary interface.

We did have some doubts at the time; tried to get the current Coalition to resurrect the 'Citizens Panel' which used to look at these issues in conjunction with all the usual internet-based questionnaires etc.

But no luck, the Libs/Nats ploughed on insisting that the internet-based questionnaires would generate enough feedback for them to gauge public views on their budget plans ...

... well - have a look here :-(

In a city of nearly half a million people, 343 responses were received via the Council web-site questionnaire ... and 1 of them was from me!!

Worse still - I don't think any of this has been reported back formally to the Council and/or Elected Members even informed of the results?

Not good.

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