Sunday, January 25, 2009

Budget blackout

This year's Holyrood budget appears to be lining-up as a much more constructive affair than 2008 ... even if just some of today's press coverage is to be believed?

It's a stark contrast - the process of constructing the national budget - as opposed to the process of constructing Edinburgh Council's budget ... sadly, its a good example of the "old politics in a new setting" point that I've been making about Edinburgh City Chambers ever since the last local elections :-(
  • the Political Administration in Holyrood will simply have to make concessions - to various Opposition Parties - to get their 2009 Budget Bill passed.
  • the Political Administration in the City Chambers haven't even bothered to open a dialogue about their 2009 budget with Opposition Groups?
All part of the City's "Bright New Future" ...

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