Friday, December 19, 2008

Council responsibility

Yesterday's meeting was mercifully, slightly shorter than last month ...

... and it has to be said, that there was a little more 'give-and-take', by the Administration, as regards 'compositing/accepting' quite a few of the amendments/addendums etc. from the various Political Groups. Definitely saved at least 2-hours of insightful debate ;-)

It can be done!

Anyhow, one of the significant moments - for me - of the day was an acceptance that traffic management arrangements are the responsibility of THE COUNCIL and not of any arms-length body or external entity ... pleased to see that the local paper reported this almost verbatim today - see the third-last paragraph.

And, I'll quote it here, for ease of reference:

"Councillor Dawe also told the full council meeting that she, transport leader Phil Wheeler, the council's chief executive Tom Aitchison and the city development director Dave Anderson would all take collective responsibility if there was a repeat of the chaos experienced during The Mound closure when work gets under way on Princes Street next year."

We'll find out in February ...

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