Wednesday, December 03, 2008

2009/10 Budget Packs

The 2009/10 initial budget packs were distributed around all of the Political Groups on the Council earlier today ... think they have also been given to the press today, so I'm not breaking any confidences here ;-)

Don't have electronic versions (or links) I'm afraid - but you can get the overall feel of the situation by looking at one of yesterday's Policy and Strategy Committee papers - here - and if you glance at paragraph 3.5 you'll see there is apparently £3million available in 2009/10 for service developments ...

... sadly, what this masks are the welter of current (and ongoing) pressures on existing Departmental Budgets which basically leave an overall shortfall of some £7million for this available funding to cover :-(

The fact that it doesn't add up at this stage of the process (budget not actually set until February 2009) is no great surprise, but the pressures and statistics look very familiar to those of last year.

No 'bright new future' here I'm afraid.

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