Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No.1 for the Forth Ward

Now, if proof were needed that Cammy Day is indeed No.1. for the Forth Ward ...

... I'm able to confirm that he is (as of this afternoon) the first - and only - candidate formally nominated for the by-election on 6th November ;-)

... and, by the way, elections officers told me earlier today that there had been a small 'typo' on the nomination papers sent out to all the Parties, and that the deadline for nominating was out by a week - should have read 4pm on the 8th October and not 4pm on the 15th October ;-))

... if only!


Anonymous said...

He is using the youths in his charge to deliver leaflets. Totally despicable. The local people have noticed and it doesn't look like he is Numbur 1. He doesnt seem to be leaving the muirhouse area and is only running to get money from the north edinburgh partnership

Andrew said...


I'm not one for deleting comments (as regular readers know) - but PLEASE, I won't allow out-and-out lies on the site. Next time it will be deleted.

I know for a fact, as I've been with him on the doors, that we've not only been in Muirhouse, but also in Pilton, Granton, Trinity ... in fact, right across the whole Ward.

As for the other stuff - well, its just not true either, so PLEASE don't repeat it via this blog or it will be deleted.