Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nice doggie?

Leafleting duties most of this weekend due to the ongoing Forth Ward by-election ;-)

... spent most of the time in Royston/Wardieburn and the majority of people we spoke to were pretty receptive, and even positive ;-)

I did have one of those heart-stopping moments when I entered a front-garden gate (in Royston Mains Green, think it was?) and casually proceeded up the path, only to arrive at an open door with a truly huge Alsatian bounding out towards me looking as if it was about to rip my head off :-(

Fastest I've moved all year, I'll tell you :-((

... but all was okay really, as the owner followed the dog out, just as I was exiting the gate at close to 100mph, and told me not to worry as the dog wouldn't have touched me as it was trained to bark only??

Forgot to ask him if he would be voting Labour ;-)


Anonymous said...

You should always take a tin of dog meat and a can opener with you on dangerous missions such as handing out leaflets.Remember not all dogs vote Labour as they are still waiting for Poop Boxes in Hutchison as promised in the last manifesto.:-)

Andrew said...


I can assure you - this dog was no friend of Labour :-(