Friday, September 26, 2008

Labour win local by-election!

No - not in the Forth Ward ... not yet anyhow ;-)

... but (last night/this morning) in the Plumstead Ward, Greenwich Council ...

... and with a 6.6% swing FROM the Tories ;-))


Stephen Glenn said...

Wow a 6.65 swing off the Tories. just for the sake of balance the lib dems took 4 seats last night.

A gain off the Tories in in Hampstead Town, another in Mebyon Kernow.

In Wealden District Council took a seat with a 24% swing off the Tories. And held another also with a swing from the Tories.

One does wonder where this Conservative swing in the polls is actually happening mind you.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the further info. - and many congratulations to all those successful candidates ;-)


Andrea said...

yesterday Labour also gained a seat in Swale from Sheppey First!
And also held a ward in Greenwich with a 6/7% swing from Con to Lab compared to 2006

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - Thursday 25th September is turning out to have been a Conservative rout :-))


Andrea said...

ops, sorry, I posted the wrong result. I wanted to add that Labour also held a Stevenage ward yesterday with a swing from Con since May 2008. But I now realize I wrote down the Greenwich result already mentioned in the original blog post :-(