Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rhetoric and Reality - MIND THE GAP

Here's a first-class example of good old "National Rhetoric" - just check out this Scottish Government News Release from yesterday - here - and by the way, just what is the point of those last couple of paragraphs :-(

- now contrast it with the "Local Reality", here in Edinburgh, by scanning through some of these posts (and the links therein) on Early Years Education in our Capital City during 2007/2008.

Honestly - the gap between such vacuous rhetoric, and the reality on the ground, is enough to make you weep :-((

For good measure - throw in the class-size ruling in East Lothian, reported in The Herald today, and its hard not to come to the conclusion that the whole Education Policy Framework of this Government is simply a joke and quite frankly not worth the paper its written on.

Without legislation (which would lead to the requirement for financial investment) then class sizes of 18 or less for P1-P3 are not going to happen. It's a cruel deception to suggest otherwise.

I do cling to the hope that more and more will see through all of this nonsense in coming months ...

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