Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Enforced day at home today ... Juniors' entry into P7 delayed by one day :-(

Not entirely certain if Craiglockhart Primary School is closed due to the one-day strike action (I think not actually?), but believe it may be down to ongoing window-repair works that haven't been completed before the start of term ... frankly - someone, somewhere, hasn't planned the timing of the works effectively if that's the case?

Anyhow - that new graphics card, which was very recently fitted to the home computer, is currently being tested to near-destruction ;-))


Jeff said...

Hope you enjoy Countdown and What's in Your Attic once you're done with the graphics card.

Dare I cheekily mention the "Labour isn't Working" slogan?

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

This small part of 'Labour' is indeed (very unfortunately) working ... ploughing through e-mails etc. on our second (and very slow!) home computer ...

... it's my 10-year old who's making the best of this extra day of freedom and testing the graphics card, on the main computer, to near-destruction ;-))