Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back in Edinburgh

Back in Edinburgh this evening.

Family have had a great two-weeks away, more to follow on all of that tomorrow ...

... going to try and catch up on 'mail/e-mail' for the rest of tonight :-((


Anonymous said...

What have you lot been up to now ,eh ?

They will need to chain down cutlery next and have metal detectors and x-ray machines at the doors.

Tut Tut Tut.

Anonymous said...

You said on Sunday August 10 that there would be "more to follow on all of that tomorrow ..."

It is now Wednesday August 13 and still nothing. This is typical of you Andrew. Simple promises not delivered.

Andrew said...

Anonymous 1

What can I say? - not 'personally' guilty guv :-(


Andrew said...

Anonymous 2

Bit harsh? But nevertheless, apologies - been an awful week so far. Posts are now published.


P.S. I think that's the first time I've been accused of NOT blogging ENOUGH :-((

Anonymous said...

Mr Burns, you seem sensitive, I was not being harsh, I was merely pointing out the truth of the situation. A situation which you have been good enough to resolve. Whether or not any of this makes any difference whatsoever remains to be seen. By the time you think it will there will be no-one who remembers you to judge.

Blogs are not real life anyway, they are constructions of one persons version of their own particular reality, bolstered by others false reality. Perhaps Freire was correct :- your 'facts' are merely 'your facts', however, it is to be expected that you will cite Hegel in your inevitable response.

Goodbye, we shall never speak again.

Hegel said...

If that last anonymous comment truly does exist, then must someone respond?