Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vanishing poll lead?

Don't get too excited ... all you SNP blog-fans ;-) ... I'm just referring to some strange goings-on at the BBC Scotland web-site in the last 12-hours?

Before hitting the sack last night, this story had the absolute top slot on the 'BBC Scotland Politics' section of their website. I'm assuming it was referring to this poll from the Sunday Express today.

Now, I don't want to put too much significance on the content of another poll giving a lead to Labour ... as many have pointed out about last Sunday's Telegraph poll, the samples for these recent efforts have been only just over some 500 voters ...

... but, what is slightly odd is that this morning (before I head off to sunny Glasgow East itself!) I can only find the BBC story by googling it, as it appears to have been removed from the main links on their 'BBC Scotland Politics' section front-page?



Jeff said...

Hi Andrew,

Both Labour and the SNP have dismissed the Daily Mail poll as "rogue" which may well explain why the BBC have decided to pull it.

As for the Telegraph poll, it put Labour over 15% ahead but of the 516 people polled, 131 said they'd vote Labour and 124 said they'd vote SNP. A wafer thin lead equates to a 15-point gap? It seemed there was some funny weighting going on there...

Needless to say, it seems the SNP's private polling of Labour being only 3% ahead is more likely to be closer to the truth.

I'm sure we'd both agree though that there's only one poll that counts and, with that in mind, hope you have a lovely day out in GE...


John Wallace said...

or... it could be cybergnat conspiricy..... ya gotta watch them you know.....

I blame the independents for muddying the waters.

Can't wait to hear how your maps were and whether your software had any glitches.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

... Glasgow was sunny as ever ;-)

One can only hope that Nationalist polling is correct ;-))


Andrew said...


... I'm sure that Times article must've been planted on purpose to lull the Natioalists into a false sense of security ;-))


John Wallace said...


You never know. It seems as though it will be as tight as a duck's proverbial.


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