Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Unacceptable ...

My last post mentioned that there has clearly been political briefing of the press, before a report has been made public. As at typing this post (just before 12noon) the report in question is still not up on CPOL.

... okay, not ideal, but I'm not going to complain vociferously about the practice of politically briefing the press - I think previous Administrations occasionally adopted this tactic :-(

... but what is totally unacceptable is that a formal Council Communications News Release is now up on their website and the report is still not public. That's paid officers publicising an official Council report BEFORE its in the public domain.

Simply unacceptable ... not to mention damned unprofessional.


John Wallace said...

1. Can you please define (in detail if possible) your use of the word "occasionally" in this post.

2. Agree with the totally unacceptable publishing of the News Release - However, on the good side, the viewership of the site is so minimal, probably nobody would have seen it unless you kindly supplied the link.

Andrew said...

It was done, very similarily to this instance actually, whenever a pretty significant report was on the upcoming agenda ... thus my reluctance to be too critical of the pre-briefing :-(

... but, the publishing of any News Release AHEAD of such a signifcant report being in the public domain is not great. I'm assured it was simply down to reports being late going up on CPOL - which I can well believe to be true :-((