Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tribalism running riot

The Glasgow East by-election appears to be getting more and more partisan by the second - frankly, tribalism is now running riot across the blogosphere :-(

... I don't have to provide the links to prove it (I don't want to anyhow!) - you know its true.

And, personally, I think there's only going to be one 'long-term' loser come Friday morning: and it won't be either the SNP or Labour :-((

Now, I wasn't expecting weeks of detailed policy discussion and debate - its a by-election after all! - but, the fever-pitch I mentioned earlier, just keeps rising relentlessly.

I'll be sure to post more on this once the dust has settled ...

... meantime, I was sorry to hear that the Lib-Dem candidate had to pull out of the race - for today at least - due to a 'family emergency'. I don't know any of the details, but it must have been pretty serious to remove him from the campaign - I hope he's able to re-join the contest tomorrow and Thursday.

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