Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oooops ...

No - this post has nothing to do with the Glasgow East by-election :-(

... its just about an appalling personal gaffe two posts ago, that has ruined my relationship (for what it was worth!) with my favourite local newspaper :-((

Just received a searing riposte, via e-mail, pointing out that said local paper had indeed run the 'cost of dying' story the day BEFORE the BBC ... oooops.

... and what makes it even worse, is that Iain Whyte (the only politician quoted in the story) didn't accuse Edinburgh Labour of being responsible for it all ... or, if he did, they cut that bit of his quote out ;-)

Well, I suppose, my factual transgression does at least prove that not all local politicians are obsessed with the Evening News - reading it cover to cover every day ... at least not on a Tuesday anyhow ;-))

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