Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's Forum on Children and Families Estate meeting

Well, it wasn't good :-((

I did though give a promise to the Convener not to make the situation worse before the Special Meeting of the Education Committee on the 18th June, so this is all I'm prepared to say:

"I left the Forum Meeting on a point of principle. There was no incontrovertible proof put forward concerning earlier allegations of leaks to the press and I felt it inappropriate to stay in the meeting in such circumstances. This whole matter should be properly investigated, and quickly. Its important to stress that I do remain supportive of the overall process the Forum is undertaking."

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John Wallace said...

Cough, cough... HERE, HERE!

and I hope that you push for the investigation and push bloody hard (keeping costs in hand, of course).

Maybe call in the Police because to me it seems as though your colleague is guilty of "Conduct likely to cause a Breach of the Peace"