Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sorry - school meals again ...

Sorry - school meals again ... the local paper is reporting some movement on this at a Council Committee Meeting this morning - see here.

... all well and good, but it ain't no U-Turn - its simply a fudge to try and take some of the pressure off.

I've now got the complete text (paper copy only at the moment) of the Coalition Motion which outlines this hive of suggested activity - what it fails to mention is that the next meeting of the Policy and Strategy Committee (where a report has been requested) is not until Tuesday 5th August ... literally days before the school term recommences :-(

It is simply not good enough to ask for all of these measures to 'improve school meals uptake', when the Coalitions' own actions in the last few weeks have decimated that very same uptake. And then to request the report days before the new school term starts, and too late to take any definite action for that term-start, is rubbing salt into the wound.

People will see this for what it is.

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