Monday, June 09, 2008

'School Campus' Police ...

'School Campus' Police officers appear to have made the front-page of the Scotsman this morning - I'm afraid I can't say I agree with the EIS on this one :-(

There was actually a report on Edinburgh's two (current) 'School Campus' Police officers at the last meeting of our Education Committee - you can read the full text here.

As you'll see from the report, the whole project has been pretty successful, and there was all-Party agreement here in the City Chambers to press ahead with the expansion of the scheme into another 4 (yet to be chosen) Edinburgh Secondary Schools.

On top of the success of the pilot ... the whole programme (including the now agreed expansion in Edinburgh) is being paid for by the Police and not by Local Authorities.

So, for me personally, I do think that as long as the implementation of the scheme into any specific Secondary School is handled sensitively, then the outcome/s can be very positive ... not just for the school but the wider community.


John Wallace said...

So, are you runnin'?

Andrew said...


I'm not going to make any rushed decisions. Ewan standing down has come as a genuine surprise :-(

I intend to take a bit of time speaking to family, friends and colleagues before reaching any final conclusion.


P.S. are you trying to tell me something with that link to Clinton??

John Wallace said...

Nothing with the Clinton link - she did get the popular vote with a well run web campaign (imho).

Anyway back to the Chambers. You can't have Bunty running round with the "I'm the Boss" badge on - bad for morale in the trenches and those are the ones that are going to have to knock on doors and post leaflets. It was fun last week in full council when Sir Architect dude slammed The Waterfront - just goes to show how her chair of that project took it to the dogs (oh, btw, did you see when she picked up the baby, I was sure she was going to eat it whole.) Also as she only just scraped through by the skin of her teeth when the people spoke there shouldn't be a chance in hell of many councillors (even labour ones) voting for her.

Ian Murray seems a likable person. Runs a good pub by all accounts. The fact that he actually runs something successfully definitely puts him up there. Not many councillors can say they have ran something successfully.

There's the one known as the "Sow's Ear". She couldn't even get selected for her own constituency last time round and had to go cap in hand round the city for a seat at the table. However, if she got it, it would be a picture to see Bunty's face.

Ian Perry - what's more to be said. Obviously studied at the Paul Nolan school of Politics. If it wasn't a shock to yourselves in the Labour Party that the Wester Hailes Lecturer was a con, that the nice cosy job for friends on EDI was a con, then maybe it doesn't matter who is leader. He's responsible and pretty much well in debt to the taxpayers of the city.

Now down to you. Have you been forgiven for CETM? What about not getting rid of your Head of Strategy when it was obvious to everyone and their second cousin that a size 10 was a certainty. Even he thought it was coming - ask him!

Are you up to it? Well maybe with the extra cash you will be able to upgrade the allotment and stick in a hot tub.

If I'd been mental enough to be able to qualify as a Labour councillor in Edinburgh then I would be swithering between Mr. Murray and the NSNMA finalist.

ctrl a - ctrl c - ctrl p - yep.