Friday, June 13, 2008

King's Road Roundabout

I see that the Council are about to commence very significant roadworks to remove the Kings Road Roundabout near Portobello and replace it with a traffic-lighted junction.

I'm personally pleased to see this change finally happening.

... but, I'll guarantee there will be howls of protest over the coming weeks as the undoubted traffic problems ensue - I can only hope that some will remember why the works are being undertaken: the original report can be found here.

I certainly remember, only too well, just how dangerous a roundabout this can be. Come November, it won't be missed ...


Richard Thomson said...

Fantastic news. I have a flat in the same stair as one of your former colleagues (now rented out, sadly - I miss it!). Despite being a fairly careful driver, I've lost count of the times over the last few years that I've nearly mown down pedestrians who think its safe to cross without looking as I've gone into King's Road, or just about been rear-ended for coming off the roundabout too slowly trying to avoid the above.

And that's before you mention the gridlock it causes on Portobello Road and Seafield Road of an evening, or the confusion caused by people who indicate for Portobello High Street when they intend heading down Sir Harry Lauder Road...

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - glad you agree with the removal of the roundabout.

I'm sure many will be questioning the sanity of putting lights in over the coming months - but during my time with the 'Transport Brief' it was undeniably a really bad accident spot and I'd be willing to take any wager that, that particular issue will be transformed after November.


P.S. I presume you mean Lawrence, who you'll be glad to hear is still campaigning on several rail-related, transport issues ;-)