Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Crossing the pond?

After the events of last-night/this-morning, I'm having to seriously re-evaluate my no-fly policy :-(

... personally, I'm entirely convinced that Obama will win in November. I think McCain is going to be in serious trouble, very quickly, now that the Obama Campaign is going to have him (and him alone) as their sole focus for attention. I know most pundits think the opposite - I just happen to think they are quite wrong.

... spending some time in the States late October/early November is fast becoming very, very tempting :-))

P.S. any (sensible!) suggestions for crossing the Atlantic, without flying, gratefully received?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you and Kez can sail over for your obama campaign fest

Andrew said...

... just might do that ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would consult the frog on that problem ;-)

Andrew said...


... you're assuming he's a Democrat there!