Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Overwhelming majority?

Edinburgh's Business Improvement District (BID) proposals were approved in a ballot of local businesses today - on balance, I very much welcome the outcome. The whole process is part of a wider series of BIDs across Scotland - further details can be found here.

Slightly surprised not to have seen any substantial press coverage of the local outcome here in Edinburgh? - the Council has put a News release out ... you can see it here.

... mind you, the Release claims "Edinburgh's city centre businesses have voted overwhelmingly in favour to create a Business Improvement District" when the detail reveals only some 25.9% of those eligible to vote have actually approved the plans :-(

All that said, I do welcome the result and am only too aware that successful BIDs in other international, Capital cities have resulted in very significant city-centre improvements - lets hope Edinburgh can now follow that lead ...

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