Wednesday, May 28, 2008


There's farcical ...

... and then there's comical ...

... and then there's just the sheer bloody inability to make a decision and stick with it :-(

I can't quite believe it, but apparently the powers that be have now decided to 'shelve' the idea of the traffic-lights until at least after the Summer recess :-)

Damn it - I'll need to re-write all my speeches for tomorrow now ;-))


Anonymous said...

I am speechless !

Just shows how petty minded the administration is. Quality debates is what is needed.

To waste £1600 on such a system is uttery mad when there are much better things the council could spend the money on. It could help some local community centre for example.

Andrew said...


I would be lying to tell you that, of course, every debate in the City Chambers is indeed of the highest 'quality' :-(

... but many are quite good - honest!


bernard n. shull said...
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Andrew said...

sorry - no advertising please!