Wednesday, April 09, 2008

(special) Education Committee

Remember that Special Education Committee that was called for the 15th April ... you know, the one that will approve (or not) the re-organisation of the Council's largest Department which accounts for over £300million worth of revenue-spend every year?

Well, the observant amongst you will have noticed that papers were due out yesterday/today - look it up on CPOL and see what you get ... here's a link to the Agenda, as frankly that's about all that's there ...

... everything (apart from 1 item) is 'to follow', including the organisational review of the Department :-((

I'll let you know when us lowly Opposition Councillors finally get the organisational review paper, but even if it's tomorrow, that only leaves two full working days (Friday & Monday) before Tuesday's meeting.

... plenty of time for proper scrutiny of this not-insignificant paper then - or maybe that's the whole point?

New politics in action ...

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