Friday, April 25, 2008

Full Council papers out

Next week's Full Council papers out today - they can all be found on Committee Papers On-Line (CPOL) and, for ease of reference, the main agenda is here ...

... looking at the number of (fairly) significant items, it could be yet another very long meeting :-((


Tommy said...

nice question cllr Burns

"Concerning the five “Wave 3’’ schools, do you agree with
any of the statements below?

the Council’s current position is absurd"


no laughing matter but the phrasing just raised a giggle ... they've really balls'd it up eh!

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - I know it reads a little 'odd' as a question, but there is method in my apparent madeness ...

... I'm sure to re-visit this on the blog after this Thursday's meeting.