Saturday, March 29, 2008

(track) Cycling Glory

Its been hard not be completely in awe of the British Track Cycling Team this weekend - 9 Golds and counting :-))

... as regular readers will know, I'm a bit of a part-time cyclist myself - have been somewhat addicted since 1982 and my first big road-tour; and completely hooked after I went to see the final day of the Tour de France in Paris in 1986.

Greg leMond was the first American to win the tour that year ... but I'd really gone in the hope of seeing Robert Millar win - the Scot had come 4th overall in 1984 (still the best any British cyclist has achieved in the Tour) but it wasn't to be :-(

Nevertheless, the atmosphere on the Champs-Elysees as the cyclists finished was electric ... the final stage of the biggest spectator event (and sport overall) in the World! I can still hear the mesmerising whir of the bikes on the cobbles as they sped past the adoring crowds :-))

... with all this track-cycling success, it does make you wonder just why the British can't seem to produce a road-racing star capable of winning the Tour de France? Robert Millar was the closest we ever got (by far) ... and that was well over 20-years ago :-((

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