Tuesday, March 11, 2008

... by popular request?

Despite my earlier protestations about "no more allotment stories", I'm afraid several readers have asked for an update on progress since my last 'allotment-post' ... so, ever one to oblige, here is the photographic proof that one border is duly edged, has some plants in it, and the paths are not yet finalised :-(

Just seven more 'beds' to go, a few paving-stones to lay, and the planting will commence on an industrial-scale ;-)


Ed said...

Very impressive. With the papers united in hailing 2008 as the year of global food crisis, you will be OK. They look delicious. Have you got to boil them or can you cook them in a microwave?

Andrew said...

... boil them , of course :-)

Anonymous said...

Andrew - I thought you were laying TRAM Tracks, everyone else seems to be !!!

You have joined the masses in digging holes everywhere.

The Connected One

Andrew said...

Connected One!

Tram tracks come later - its only various pipes that are being moved at the moment :-((