Thursday, February 07, 2008

They think it's all over ...

Amazingly short Council Meeting this morning - yes, it finished BEFORE 12noon!

... was precious little debate about anything really - one can only assume all the difficult decisions are being pushed into the Budget-setting Council Meeting on Thursday 21st February? I'll be surprised if that one finishes before 12noon :-((

Laugh-of-the-day, came when - during Leader's questions - someone complained about the SNP Councillors all wearing their Party badges, which were thus getting into non-Political, Council publications via their photographs ... outrageous behaviour ;-)

Our esteemed Leader retorted that she might just get her lot to start wearing their own Party badges as well - so, just in case they decide to pursue that course of action, here's a handy 'cut-out-and-wear' version I prepared earlier :-))

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