Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't believe a word they say

Just last Thursday, less than a week ago, the local Libs and Nats were laying all the 'evils-of-the-world' at our door for 'so badly managing the Council budget over recent years' ...

... fast-forward a few days and just this morning the Policy and Strategy Committee meets, and our esteemed Council Leader approves the minute from last months meeting - see here.

Go on ... follow that link, you know you want to ... read Item 5, on Page 3, concerning the Annual Performance Report for 2006-07, which clearly states that "the report described how well the Council was performing in terms of its financial management arrangements, provision of local services and strategic initiatives and objectives."

Minute duly AGREED by the Council Leader, who must have had a temporary bout of amnesia and momentarily forgotten who was in charge in 2006/07?

And politicians wonder why nobody believes a word they say :-((

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