Sunday, January 20, 2008

Slow weekend for Burns

A pretty quiet weekend all-in-all ... first time in a long time.

Perfect for a bit of well-needed reflection.

The slow weekend ended on Sunday night, with the usual last-minute panic to finalise the details (and ticket-sales!) for the upcoming, annual Labour Party Burns Supper.

Thankfully, looks like it should be a good evening ;-)


John Wallace said...

Hope you are using Findlay's haggis. Best in town, or Scotland even - and an excellent export story as it is now available on the shelves in America.

Better than the tinned stuff that's normally on offer in the 'land of the free' tee-hee.

Andrew said...

... thankfully I'll be nowhere near the kitchen, so can't answer that one ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good to see the Labour party holding a supper for you, although hopefully it's not your Last Supper???

Andrew said...


... I wish it WAS a supper for me given the current state of my finances :-(