Friday, January 04, 2008

More mis-use of Council resources?

Having recently applauded the local Nats for NOT following the same blatant mis-use of Council publications as their Liberal colleagues, I have to say I was somewhat surprised to have just spotted this Council News Release from 31st December.

Now, the actual content is fair enough (even though I do not agree with it!) - and I assume it all relates to this story in the Evening News of the same date? But it's the title of the Council News Release that frankly troubles me - have a look at it again.

Is responding "to Labour Party in Scotland Press Release" really what Council officers are paid to do ... shouldn't such blatant Party politicking be done by Party politicians or officials?

I distinctly remember several occasions between 1999 and 2007 when I was explicitly advised that I should NOT use Council press officers to respond to other political Party news releases, and even having to organise several 'Press Briefings' (mainly about Transport issues!) under my own Party banner (and at Party cost) because Council officers considered it too 'political' to be involved. All that despite the clear majority of the Council (albeit a one-Party majority) supporting the position I was trying to promote.

Oh how times, and standards, appear to have changed :-((

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