Thursday, January 31, 2008

Architectural theft?

Several people (who really should have better things to do!) have e-mailed me to insist that the chap who designed that Sugar Cube on Grand Designs the other night (see opposite), has clearly stolen his ideas from our own esteemed Waverley Court building (see below)?

... actually, looking at the pictures close together, I think they might have a point ;-))


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you do not have a swimming pool in Waverley Court.

Or do you ?

We certainly get some "Wet" ideas coming out of there !

The Connected One

Andrew said...

... us lowly Councillors wouldn't know what's in Waverley Court as we're still stuck in the high-tech wonder that is the City Chambers :-((

... mind you, I hear rumours that there is actually a gymn - I kid you not!

John Wallace said...

That picture of the HQ must be a Photoshop enhancement. No way that grass on the roofs could look that green - would be nice for some nice wind turbines though.

Andrew said...


I think you may right ... think I 'borrowed' the picture from somewhere on the Council intranet?


peter said...

a nice design and concept but I am not sure if this is a good longterm project. Agreed its does look like a photoshop enhancement.