Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Moat and Hutchison House meeting

Moat and Hutchison House - the two tower blocks in the ward (Westfield Court, 'Banana Flats' are now in the Sighthill/Gorgie Ward) - have had a long-running requirement for proper door entry systems ... and, preferably, some CCTV security measures in addition. The two blocks were very extensively refurbished several years ago, but door entry (or lack of it!) remains a bone of contention.

Well, at a further public meeting on all of this this evening, there did appear to be some real progress on a solution that will now be put out to all the owner-occupiers and Council tenants for consideration.

The question of cost is always contentious for owner-occupiers, but there is no doubt that the door entry fitted to the Westfield Court 'Banana Flats' a few years ago has made a significant difference to the security issues they were facing.

I'm sure the same level of improvement would happen at Moat and Hutchison House, with the subsequent improvement in property values ... unfortunately, not something that's easy to scientifically prove.

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