Sunday, November 11, 2007

A majority for STV-PR

Interesting occurrence at the Scottish Green Party conference yesterday - I know it seems an unlikely statement :-)

Haven't seen any press coverage of it yet, but the Greens voted to support STV-PR for Scottish Parliament elections ... as long as there is an average of 5-members per constituency; which there almost certainly would be for any National scheme, as opposed to the Local scheme were the Ward numbers are 3 to 4 members.

This is a clear change in Scottish Green Party policy, and the interesting point is that it now means there is a definite majority in favour of STV-PR within the Scottish Parliament:
  • Scottish National Party 47
  • Scottish Liberal Democrats 16
  • Scottish Green Party 2

I make that 65 out of 129 :-))

Now, I know the voting system for Holyrood is a Westminster issue; but given the ruminations over the Gould Report, that could well change ... and even if it doesn't, why should the three Parties above not now move a motion to change the electoral system to match their Party policy?

It would certainly make a point.

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