Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another blogging Councillor

Yet another blogging Councillor has entered cyber-space today ... Ian Murray (pictured opposite) is now the first Edinburgh South Labour Councillor - that I know of! - who has crept into the 21st century :-)

... I make that six of the Edinburgh Labour Group who are now keeping (reasonably?) regular blogs - soon be half the Group at this rate :-))

What about the rest? - I know Cllr. Cameron Rose (Tory) has a 'Newsblog' - it can be found here - and also has a Facebook presence (along with Cllrs. Charles Dundas and Louise Young - both Libs) ... but nothing else on the blogging front that I'm aware of??

If you know of any more out there, then do pass on the details ...


Charles Dundas said...

Andrew, Don't forget Councillors Snowden, Toomey and Beckett who all have Facebook presences too!

Andrew said...


I stand corrected - wasn't aware of their pages!

Thanks for letting me know ...