Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pre Budget Report

I'm genuinely intrigued by all the fuss over the Pre Budget Report in Scotland ...
  • NOBODY is disputing that the 'overall' settlement for Scotland will have more than doubled since the onset of devolution; some £29billion by the end of this three-year period (2011), compared to some £14billion in 1999. That's a +100% increase within the first 12-years of devolution (1999-2011)
  • NOBODY is disputing that the year-on-year rise for the next three-year period is ABOVE inflation. Indeed, I don't think I've heard 'anyone' claim it's less than 0.5% above inflation in any of the upcoming three-years and many are claiming it's a lot higher than that. So every year for the next three years, as per the last nine years, the monies coming to the 'Scottish Executive/Government' will rise ABOVE the level of inflation.

I really do think that most people, in the real world, would welcome having had such a financial deal over the past nine years, and the guarantee of such a financial deal for the next three years.

I also really do think that the Nationalist Government in Scotland just need to get on with governing now ... it's what they were elected for.

... and I actually believe they'll be doing themselves no political favours at all by continuing the current whining about finances for too long.

It just doesn't sit well with the 'atmosphere of competence' they are trying to display in their early years in charge.


Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with you here.

There is also the almost £1b which the old Nose Pickers have managed to pry from between Bunty Backhander's "old mucker's eyebrows.

Now, me agreeing with a member of the previous Edinburgh Labour cabinet - not something we see coming along a lot.

Andrew said...

... it's just started snowing outside :-)