Sunday, October 07, 2007

Come on England ...

Well, no World Cup semi-final this year :-(

Disappointing really, felt that Scotland could have beaten Argentina ... who didn't look all that impressive ... but they just didn't seem to get into their stride until the last quarter.

Let's hope England can defeat France next weekend ... either way, there's now certain to be a European team in the final which few thought possible at the start of the tournament.


allan said...

randomly found your blog.I am standing for council in Hawkes Bay New Zealand.
I comment on political issues and
We are hurting here.Always support Scotland and was surprised to see them beaten.
All Blacks were robbed and I think it was a jack up!
Cheers from NZ
Allan Baldock

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - lets hope that England can get some revenge on New Zealand's behalf this coming Saturday ;-)